Size Chart

Tops (measure around bust)
Child's S: 24-25 inches
Child's M: 26-27 inches
Child's L: 28- 29 inches
Child's XL: 30-32 inches
Adult S: 33-34 inches
Adult M: 35-36 inches

Briefs and Skirts (measure around widest part of butt)
Please be aware that our velvet briefs run bigger. If in between sizes we would recommend going down a size.
Child's S: 25-26 inches
Child's M: 27-29 inches
Child's L: 30-31 inches
Child's XL: 32-33 inches
Small Adult: 34-35 inches
Medium Adult: 36-38 inches
Leggings (measure around widest part of the butt and leg inseam)
Child's S: 22-24 inch butt, 23 inch leg inseam
Child's M: 25-26 inch butt, 25 inch leg inseam
Child's L: 27-28 inch butt, 27 inch leg inseam
Child's XL: 29-31 inch butt, 29 inch leg inseam
Adult Small: 32-34 inch butt, 30 inch leg inseam
Adult Medium: 35-37 inch butt, 32 inch leg inseam
Leotards (measure around bust, girth, widest part of butt)
Child's S: 25-26 inch butt, 42-43 inch girth, 24-25 inch bust
Child's M: 27-29 inch butt, 44-46 inch girth, 26-27 inch bust
Child's L: 30-31 inch butt, 47-49 inch girth, 28-29 inch bust
Child's XL: 32-33 inch butt, 50-52 inch girth, 30-32 inch bust
Small Adult: 34-35 inch butt, 53-56 inch girth, 33-34 inch bust
Medium Adult: 36-38 inch butt, 57-60 girth, 35-36 inch bust

 *Please note*

This is a tentative size chart based on our measurements. Many fabrics stretch differently and may fit different.
If you have any questions or concerns with sizing, please contact us directly at: